Authority Site Building Blueprint – What You Need To Do

´╗┐Authority Site Building Blueprint – What You Need To Do

If your aim is not just to survive, but pronounce your presence online more prominently, then a authority site is your solution.

An authority site will have more content, more pages and more links added to its body. The quality of content should be very relevant, original, up-to-date and complete. The site will be such a high quality statement of the genre that other sites will want to add their links and refer the authority site’s link on other pages.

Now, to build an authority site you need to be very conscious and diplomatic. It is imperative that you have a wide knowledge of your industry, present market conditions along with a well researched market segmentation and identification of targeted readers before you embark on authority content. You would also need to have an understanding and a full knowledge of how the content works, the various high networking options and sophisticated web site builders with guaranteed SEO ranking.

A successful authority site would also require identifying and collaborating with similar sites, finding new marketing ways like adding link baits.

Here is a step-by-step guide or blueprint if you will on how you can successfully create an authority site.

Step #1. Product Research.

To build an authority site the first thing you need to do is to know everything about your product. Whatever product you are launching, or whatever service you are offering – first get all the primary data on it. This will give you an idea about the content for the pages of your site. Arrange your knowledge in an importance based order – this will give you an idea about what your content would be and where would you need to place them. Also, a wide knowledge of your product or service will help you throughout the process.

Step #2. Market Research.

Now study the market. Generally, large organizations hire market researchers for this job because it is very systematic and needs a vast knowledge of statistics and marketing. As you go with market research, you will know your competitors, the current industry situation, nature and quantity of demand. This will help you revise your content to suit the demands of online optimization. Your study of your competitors will make you aware about the current industry standards and help you set your goals above them. This process is necessary because it can give you the list of important links that you can add on your sites.

Step #3. Audience Research.

This step starts from market segmentation and identifying your target readers. This will make you reshape your content accordingly. Moreover, it will give you an idea about the designing of your site keeping in mind the target age group and financial segment of your audience.

Step #4. Planning the Site.

This is the most important step. Because here you have to apply all your knowledge and on this depends your future prospects. Plan your site according to your link strategy, keyword fundamentals and keyword saturation. Plan web hosting including emails, file manager, fantastico, traffic stats, log files and cpanel. You may also add link baits to accumulate more links on your site. It is a good idea to arrange blog-space as it will automatically increase your content. Above all, design your site in such a way that all users feel comfortable, free and tempted to visit your site more often.

Step #5. Developing & Designing.

This is the step where you realize your project. You may use different website ranking optimization tools like ContentPress, Pheedpress to your site. This also includes a rough hand out submission to major search engines, press releases with submission to DMOZ and various directories, booking web space, registering domain name and ultimately designing your site attractively and uploading.

Step #6. A Strategic Marketing Plan.

As you launch your site, it is also now time to market your site. There are popular methods to market your site like Search Engine Optimization with monthly link building campaign, search engine ranking report, link campaign status report and more. This will continue with a thorough online marketing, Internet promotion services, periodic up gradation, troubleshooting, indexing and all other relevant services.

These 6 steps I outlined above will give you a good headstart with creating your first authority site. I recommend you read through them one more time so it really soaks in, then sit down and start thinking about what you want your first authority site to be about, then take action.

Good luck and have fun.


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