Blogging And The Business Owner

Blogging And The Business Owner

There’s a booming business in freelance writing and it’s in the realm of business blogging (b-blogging).

Why is this the case?

As businesses begin to see the marketing benefits of blogging they are reaching out to skilled freelance writers to develop material on a variety of topics that can be plugged into a business blog.

This can be a benefit to three separate parties. 1) The blog owner. This individual gains the benefit of quality professionally written material that can work to instill trust in the business represented by the blog. 2) The freelance writer. This individual gains the benefit of meaningful writing assignments and gains the satisfaction of seeing the ultimate success of the blog. 3) Most importantly, the blog readers. These individuals are often content consumers and having consistently updated material on the blog is an enormous benefit to these individuals.

Perhaps you have considered developing a business blog, but feel that you may not be able to withstand the pressures of developing new material or you may not feel as if you are gifted in writing. This is where a freelance writer can assist you. A freelance writer can take your ideas and bring them to life. Depending on your needs they can work to locate links for online articles you want to include and they can write to a specific word count.

Business blogs have also benefited from the use of free-to-use articles found in many locations throughout the web. These articles must be listed with the original author, may not be altered and must include a linked bio at the end of the article. These articles can be a great supplemental source for topic specific blog articles in addition to any original or freelance blogging you may make available to your content consumers.

Freelance writers have become very adept at learning the skills needed to develop content for websites, content for press releases and the more conversational business blogs. In many respects these professionals act as content chameleons.

The end result is business owners who can harness the power of written words as a marketing tool in a manner that satisfies the consumer, is cost effective and allows the business owner to focus attention on other necessary aspects of marketing.

The good news is a business owner can still provide as much or little content as they like for their business blog. Business owners can even develop a panel of experts that can rotate on blog content development. No matter what direction you select the prevailing thrust is improved marketing capabilities – just what every online business owner wants.


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