Can Pay-per-click Really Increase Blog Traffic?

Can Pay-per-click Really Increase Blog Traffic?

You want to know if Pay-Per-Click really can increase blog traffic? The answer is: Yes, it can. Thanks for reading this article. Have a nice day.
Wow, wouldn’t it be great if the answer really was that easy? Of course pay-per-click is a great way to get a new pair of eye-balls in front of your world-class blog, but it’s not as easy as depositing some money into a PPC account and then watching your traffic counter spin out of control ten minutes later even though Google’s web site claims that their Google AdWords campaigns can deliver results in an amazing 15 minutes!.
With a new blog appearing on the Internet every 7.8 seconds, you’ve got to have a solid PPC strategy to win the hearts and minds of the people who are looking for a new blog to identify with. PPC is a strategic investment and, like all strategic investments, it requires expertise and knowledge of how that investment works.
The first barrier to running a successful PPC campaign is money. If you are looking to buy traffic for any of the “hot property” key words then you might end up paying as much as $5, $10 or even an unbelievable $50 per click. At those prices you’d better be running a blog that has a great monetization potential or you could find yourself in the red at the end of the first day. Of course, there are words available for as low as a dime, and many of those words COULD be as valuable as the $50 ones if you know how to pick them.
The next obstacle to success is space. When you have a PPC ad running, you have a limited amount of space (words) available to sell the person on taking the time to click. What you are really doing is running a tiny little classified ad, so that ad better be working overtime to draw visitors to your home page.
Speaking of home page, that just happens to be your next issue. Once your classified ad entices someone to click, where will they land? Your landing page is your blog’s salesperson. It needs to seduce the visitor into wanting to read more. It has to tease them with the wonders of your blog and show them just enough to make them want to jump in and read it all. Just pointing someone to your last blog entry may not do the trick. You’ve got to make a sales presentation.
Trial and error is a wonderful teacher but if you’re paying for the tuition on a pay-per-click basis then you should first invest in some knowledge and experience from someone who is already running successful pay-per-click blog traffic campaigns. That way you can avoid what doesn’t work and zero in on what does. The actual truth is: You’re going to pay for that education either way. You’ll either invest a lot of money in bad PPC campaigns until you get it right, or you’ll make a relatively small, one-time investment to learn from a pro. It’s your money, so spend it wisely!


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