Do You Build Or Buy? (Tips On Leadgeneration)

Do You Build Or Buy? (Tips On Leadgeneration)

Every marketer needs leads, they are the lifeblood of your online business. However not every marketer knows how to effectively “work” their leads.
Your mailinglist can be a goldmine if you know how to do that!
Here are a couple of tips that will help you build, manage and “work” your list to its fullest potential.
Building your list:
Nowadays you can buy leads by the thousands if not millions on the internet. Lead company’s telling you their leads are optin and unique. Well my friend nothing could be further from the truth!
The majority of these companies “cycle” their leads, as they call it. This means that your leads will be used by other people as well, making your chances of success slim.
Besides this point, sending a bulkmaling to huge quantities of so called optin leads will eventually result in complaints and in the worst case you will be shutdown by your isp.
There is a better way to build your list. You can generate your own leads easily by using a simple form on your website or popup/under inviting people to join your list/newsletter.
The leads you generate this way will be very targetted and of very high quality. You may not generate over a million leads but its better to have a thousand high quality leads then a million low quality leads wich only cause complaints.
“Working” your list:
Now that you are starting to generate your own leads lets have a go of “working” them. This basically means following up on them periodically with a newslettter and/or information about your offer.
I recommend using an autoresponder for this task as it will put your business on autopilot and saves you a lot of work.
Over time you will notice that people will send you emails asking more information about your offer. When you reply to these people be as personal as possible. Put yourself in their positition, what would you want for an answer to a specific question etc. You may want to offer them additional help of some sort, this creates trust and trust is very important in doing business online.
This is basically what it comes down to in lead generation and management.
To your success!
Erol ALici


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