Exceptional Ways To Get Free Advertising.

Exceptional Ways To Get Free Advertising.

Free advertising? How many ways can you get free web site
advertising? No one knows for sure.
Nowadays, getting something for free is too much to ask
for. When it comes to advertising, this is not the case.
There are still many ways web site owners can use to obtain
that free advertising they wanted.
Below are some exceptional ways in obtaining free
advertising to get you started.
1. Online classified advertisements.
Search “free advertising” or “free ads” and you will find
there are many places that you can advertise for free.
Place a few ads, then check your reports to see if they are
bringing in traffic. Start regularly using the ones that
2. Link exchanges.
Link exchanges with other web sites help you get free
traffic in two ways: traffic directly from the other site,
and traffic from the search engines.
The link helps your ranking with them. Find sites that have
a theme similar or related to yours, and send out nice
e-mails suggesting an exchange.
3. Post in discussion forums.
This can be a great source of traffic for some sites. You
just talk about things of interest to you and get free
advertising to your web site.
Put your website’s URL in your signature. You will be
surprised at how many visitors you attract by this method.
The good thing is that they already “know” you from your
posts so you can consider them to be “targeted” visitors.
If you link to subscription pages for newsletters or
e-courses you offer, you will also get repeat visits from
the traffic. Do not spam or you will be kicked out but true
participation makes a relevant link okay in many forums.
4. Your Newsletter or Ezine.
You should have your own opt-in list and be in
communication with your subscribers on a regular basis.
Some webmasters send out a full e-mail newsletter, with the
contents in the newsletter. Others just send a notification
that the newsletter is available to read online.
5. Submit to directories.
First do a search for niche directories for the topic of
your website. Many general directories also accept
submissions for free.
The value of directories is not direct traffic, however.
But the real value is in the links, which help your ranking
and advertising with the search engines.
6. Write and submit testimonials.
Sometimes it really is better to give than receive.
Internet marketers are always on the lookout for
testimonials. It lends them credibility.
The next time you use a product or service that you
genuinely like, send the supplier a testimonial. Include a
link to your website. If they use your testimonial, they
will almost certainly include the link. This way, your
customers can verify that you are a real person.
Depending on the product and the type of website that you
have, you could even host a review on your site. You would
be highly likely to get a link using this method.
Only endorse products that you are genuinely happy with.
Remember, your name will be associated with it, so make
sure it is a good one.
7. Submit articles.
This is one of the best ways to generate free web site
traffic. An article is valuable because of the “resource
box,” or “about the author box” at the bottom, where there
is always a link. If the article leaves you intrigued and
wanting more, you might click through. This is a great way
to generate free advertising.
The visitors that you get in this manner have already read
your work and know about your site. So they are highly
All you have to do is submit articles on your chosen topic
to one or more of the free article banks available and
content hungry webmasters will use your work on their sites
and in their newsletters. It is amazing how quickly these
can be distributed around the Internet.
These are just some of the steps to get free advertising in
order to get more traffic to your sire. Some of the steps
are easy while some are not. It may take time to implement
them but it is well worth investing a little time and


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