Getting Traffic From Link Building And Article Submissions

Getting Traffic From Link Building And Article Submissions

Many webmasters who do internet marketing have no problem showing and teaching you how to place ads using overture and adwords but what they have a problem with is telling you how to get the targeted free visitors to your website, the reason for this is because free traffic takes much longer to accomplish than paid traffic and free traffic has a way of making people look more seriously at becoming buyers. Here are important tips you should follow to start getting targeted free traffic to your site.

1. To get a jumpstart one of the best ways to get some visitors is to join popular forums that relate to your themed site.

2. Write Articles and submit them to many article sites with links pointing back to your site.

3. Post your link on directories

4. Exchange links with other websites

5. Add content to your site every couple of days

Search engines are crazy for fresh content on practically every topic under the sun. You may have all the tools, and all the bells and whistles necessary to maintain the business, including a unique and interesting website, a follow up system in place, the best product anyone has ever seen, but without adding content visitors will have no reason to continuously visit your site.

Make no mistake though: highly targeted traffic is what we are talking about here, and the best way to achieve this nirvana of the internet world is to learn and implement the right marketing strategies from the start. You are now ready to step up your marketing efforts and want to use the World Wide Web to reach your potential market. The surge in popularity of Google’s Adwords is very evident as you can see many sites that have adopted this marketing strategy.

Everyone is yelling and screaming (with their links and ads) trying to get the attention of their market. What Google AdWords does is display relevant text based ads within its search engine results pages termed as “Sponsored Links”.

Links to your page will count towards link reputation and link popularity. By getting one way links or exchanging links this helps your link popularity and helps your site move up in the search engine rankings.

When webmasters talk about generating traffic they are talking about getting targeted visitors to the website with a constant flow. Targeted traffic is visitors who are looking and actively searching for the product or service and are ready and willing to purchase or take action. When you receive targeted traffic it means that these are the visitors that want to look on the website and who searched for the information rather than visitors that are forced to show up at the site, the forced visitors are usually created from some type of traffic program. This type of traffic is far more profitable to you – your visitors are far more likely to purchase from you, simply because you have what they want.


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