How To Boost Lead Generation With Pinterest

How To Boost Lead Generation With Pinterest

If you think that Pinterest is a fad, you risk missing out on the next best thing to happen in the Internet. In fact, this early Pinterest has shown a lot of promise in boosting lead generation. Marketers are actually drooling and have hailed Pinterest as a great lead generation tool. However, if you just dismiss Pinterest as a passing fad then you may be signing your own death warrant.
Pinterest was an obscure site when it started in 2011. It caught fire and became one of the hottest sites on the Internet. Pinterest continued to prove critics wrong as it earned around 20 million users with about 3.3 million added at the end of 2012. It has surpassed Yahoo in driving organic traffic to websites and shown fleeting brilliance by beating Twitter in driving referral traffic. This website is very appealing to young women which form the majority of users.
Pinterest have demonstrated as a very useful e-commerce tool. Pinterest is in a position to fill the things that other social networks lack. In fact, people have been spending more time in Pinterest at an average almost similar to the time being spent by Facebook users.
Let’s face it – humans are visual creatures. This is the main reason why Pinterest has become so popular in such a short period of time. Pinterest’s leverage makes it an effective lead generation tool because how information is being processed. This social media allows marketers to place products in front of a captive audience and at the same time capitalize how our brain’s process information.
Like any other marketing tools, every marketer wants to get brand awareness. Pinterest is the perfect vehicle for this because it is able to deliver solid brand exposure. Just like how you want you brand to be more visual, you can effectively tell a story using Pinterest.
A pin carries a thousand words. This could work for your quest to generate leads. The only limitation that you have on Pinterest is your own imagination. So when you are trying to tell a story to generate leads, you can rely on Pinterest to deliver.
When businesses reach out to prospective leads, Pinterest can become a platform to reckon with. In fact, there have been studies conducted that Pinterest has the potential to be more effective than Facebook! Marketers can count on Pinterest to entice potential customers to buy stuff and there is empirical data to support it. An eyeglass retailer said that 11 percent of their website traffic was routed through Pinterest.
Create a Pinterest board that is interesting and worthwhile. It is recommended that you leverage the simplistic layout of Pinterest to your advantage. A well-organized Pinterest page is part of the marketing mix. You will be able to build a very engaged follower list when you put photos that link back to suitable landing pages.
Pinterest can work for businesses as long they know what they are going into. When used correctly, Pinterest will become a lead generating dynamo. Just learn how to use Pinterest and see how traffic to your site increase dramatically.
Studies reveal that 21 percent of people that saw pictures of products on Pinterest went on to buy the product. This only solidifies the fact that Pinterest can covert leads into sales faster and better than any other social media network. The use of photos and videos are the things that make Pinterest great in driving traffic.


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