How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From Net Surfers

How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From Net Surfers

You can make multiple streams of income on the net without high tech,high advertising cost(or no advertisement at all),expensive softwares, and even without a product of your own.
All you need is the knowledge of the fundamental reality of how people use the net.
You must take note of the following:
(1.) The Content Of Your Site: Online surfers search for information, and solutions to all kinds of issues bordering them. And they usually don’t know exactly what they seek.
Thus,they rely mostly on search engines to look for possibilities of sites that contain similar topics to what they are searching.
This is where you come in. Give them what they want by converting your knowledge (from work experience, hobbies, passions, or pastimes) into high-quality, in-demand content. Create high-value content that overdelivers what they sought.
(2.) Your Search Engine Ranking: Work towards making your site’s pages included in the top 10-20 results. You don’t need to be an expert or to hire one to do this. You can use your content together with any other simple, low cost business-building tools like SiteBuildIt! to get search engine optimization, free targeted traffic from around the world, through search engines.
That is how most surfers find info on the net and that is how you will be found.
(3.) How You Motivate Your Site’s Visitors: You need to develop trust and confidence by overdelivering original, high value info to your pre-customers.
Don’t just write sales letters, or fill your site’s pages with colourful and flashing banners, they don’t give much results nowadays. Your site visitors need info, and very urgently too, the way you present it to them, determines whether they take further steps to buy your product or not.
You must write your content with their best interests at heart, provides solutions. Create an “open to buy” mindset and smoothly introduces your visitors to your monetizations offers.
You may need to take a course in Netwriting to help sharpen your skills in this art of PREselling.
(4.)The Number Of Products Or Services You Offer: You need to diversify into Muiltiple Streams of Revenue to maximise income, growth and stability. Recommend visitors to your income-generating source after they come to respect and like you, by using the four monetization models below:
(a.) Google Adsense: Visitors click on your Google Adsense ads, generating a substantial monthly base income.
(b.) Affiliate Programs: Refer presold visitors to the affiliate programs of merchants who sell related goods or services to your theme. In-context textual recommendations from a trusted advisor convert into sales.
(c.) Referrer/finder Arrangement: Visitors buy from the special opportunities, especially local offline business(ex., a local real estate agent who you recommend).
(d.) Other Models that fit your long-term goals: You earn income through other monetization models,e.g selling your own e-goods, services, hardgoods, etc.
THE BOTTOM LINE? Your site delivers great content on a particular set of topics(all realated to your site’s theme). People find your content through your high rankings at the search engines(and other techniques). They convert, through a variety of monetization methods, into income.


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