How To Sell More With Video!

How To Sell More With Video!

The Web is no longer just linking information and digital text. Instead Web 2.0 is about linking people… People sharing, trading, and collaborating together, and video has proven time and again to deliver best on this potential whenever you’re selling a product on the net!

More and more people are selling over the Internet. The market is dense, opaque and too broad. Nowadays getting attention from potential prospects has become a Herculean endeavor. The marketing arena in the new wave of web 2.0 is dominated more and more by Video. Video will fully embrace online marketing as never before.

What the majority of Internet Marketers have overlooked over the years, is that people want to be entertained, as opposed to reading long sales pages as they used to, not knowing in advance what was in it for them. This is why people like to scan sales pages from top to bottom without even reading the first line… The consequences ? The Internet Marketers miss lots of opportunities simply because people didn’t read this kind of sales page closely enough.

A good introductional video can highlight the benefits of the sales page and showcasing key feature bullet points and benefit bullet points. It’s a starting point. Getting the prospect hooked and enticed to read more is what a marketer’s good sales page should do. A good headline may certainly make a sale, but its no match for video!

The power of video can be summed up by the motto, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” What this means is that video images can express those concepts and that knowledge that are difficult to explain in words. Videos have a power to speak directly to your subconscious. Also bear in mind that pictures and sound are more vivid and tend to stick a little bit longer in the brain, than written text. So once the reader is already immersed in the subject line, he will dig further in the details to see what’s in for him. This way you’re sure to make a good pitch!

The trick about videos is to add taste with humor, entertainment, controversy, and educational value to capture the imagination and the fantasy of your readers. With video you can sell them the sizzle as well as the steak! We all know the viral potential of videos right?… Add to that these ingredients and you have a sales page on steroids that’s sure to stick for a while in the mind of your readers! Interactivity – the appeal to the sensations and emotions of your prospects – is the buzzword of video marketing!


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