How To Use The Power Of Articles To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

How To Use The Power Of Articles To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Ok, here it is again, everyone is talking about it, all
newbies are told or have read at some point of time about it.
Write articles and publish them to article directories with
free reprint rights.
Yes it does work, it has worked me miracles. I started my
interior design website in September 05 and by mid October 05
it was ranking in top 10 at MSN search engine.
Google rewarded it by a Pagerank 4, all because of the art of
writing and publishing articles. Today I am going to show you
how articles generate traffic to your website at 4 different
levels. Let’s see these levels one by one.
You write an article related to a specific niche. For example
I wrote on “bedroom design and decorating ideas”. Submitted
this article to 10 article directories which already had
a decent archive and good Google pagerank. While submitting this
article I took proper care to select the right “keywords” which
would trigger my article for greater readability.
So on the first level I started getting visitors directly from
article directories who came through by clicking the link
in the resource box. SO here two thing are of most importance
1)A good and catchy title to your article.
2)Selecting the right keywords that would trigger your article.
After visitors at the article directories started finding my
article, some of them used it on their own website. This helped
their own visitors. I got some traffic from these websites as
well and most importantly an “inbound link” to my website
This I found accidentally. A few months I wrote an article on
“Google AdSense”, submitted it to article directory and forgot
about it. After a few weeks I was browsing the Google result
pages for improving adsense income, I saw one of my article
title listed at number 5 in the search results.
This was a total shock to me. My article page at the article
directory was picked up by Google. That’s the reason why it is
necessary to pick article directories that already have good
Google Pagerank. I prefer submitting to article directories have
a Pagerank of 3 or more.
So on this level you start getting traffic directly from search
engine results. This strategy is also useful for affiliates. You
can write an article in such a way that the search engines will
pick up the title and rank well at the results and send the traffic
directly to the vendor’s website through YOUR affiliate link.
(NOTE: Some article directories do not allow affiliate links in
resource box. You will have to go through the publishing guidelines
before submitting.)
But there are 2 disadvantages in this method.
1)The article page can not rank permanently at that number. This is
because, an article directory is a dynamic place. Every hour
hundreds of articles get submitted there. If someone else does
a good job than yours then you are likely to loose that position
at the search engine results, quickly.
2)You can not guarantee than the article will always be picked
up by search engine and be ranked in top 10. But there is a surefire
way to write an article which will always rank well at the
search engines.
Though I am calling this level 4 this level becomes level 1 over
a period of time. This is because of all the incoming links which
point to your website. As you write more articles(level 1), more
webmasters around the world copy and paste them on their websites(level 2), your website starts ranking well at the search engines because of massive amount of incoming links. Once this happens you start getting
an immediate flow of free targeted traffic from search engines.
A good monetization program like Google Adsense can be used to
quickly convert this crowd into money.
But as I said earlier there is a special way to write articles. If
you want to enjoy the benefits from all these 4 levels, then there are
surefire techniques you have carry out in a few seconds.
The best part about all these levels of traffic is, you don’t have
to pay a single dime to do this stuff.
The key is to write for humans as well as search engines. It’s not at
all difficult. Anyone who can write and read English can do this.
Even if you haven’t written a single line before, you can go
ahead very fine with writing articles for attracting website
traffic in less than a month.
I hope this article was helpful to everyone.
Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya


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