Internet Business Forms & Ideas

Internet Business Forms & Ideas

Just what is internet business?

This may be categorised into almost any form of business now probably with the exception of physical requirement businesses such as manufacturing, farming etc.

For example, will the internet ever be able to replace a filling?

Thus the question must be asked, are all other forms of business deemed to become extinct in the future or is this merely a part of what is to become.

While it is theoretically possible to achieve almost anything with the internet, even things such as legal services, architectural services, even accounting and financial advisory services with the internet, the fact remains that the internet (in 2007) cannot think and hence cannot draw upon personal experience- some people may say that their own professional advisors don’t think-or supply opinions that, in legal terms may even create new precedents.

Additionally, people traditionally like a personal touch, so whatever field one examines, this may be the case. But to answer the initial question, internet business is business that can be transacted using the internet, either with or without human intervention.

If I sound like I am picking on the legal professions, I am not, just using them as an example, indeed paying them a compliment as they are pillars of society.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

In today’s world, the increasing trend is to continually reduce costs, sometimes to the detriment of the business itself, so internet business provides a great means of doing this as it removes traditional costs associated with business, for example office rent and rates, travelling expenses, health and safety requirements etc.

However, on the downside people lose that daily interaction, they lose the office “feel”, the personal touch with any customers is lost etc.

Internet Business Ideas

The obvious internet businesses are ones such as the travel industry or any kind of consulting or marketing goods of any description. To expand on this, just look at the travel industry- what is the first thing you do when you are looking for a holiday or flight- you open up the internet and search so the potential is there to be very successful and examples of a possible internet business can be found almost anywhere.

Other examples would include PC repair or tutoring, but if one thinks long and hard enough, they can sell any service or good via the internet, removing the need for vans or shops for example.

So what does this mean for traditional business?

Is this the demise for business as we have almost known it?

Personally, in the foreseeable future I am certain not. I will explain. Lets look at retail- people will always go into town to visit favourite cafes and go shopping, wanting to see the goods for themselves.

One must remember that it is also a social thing where people interact and meet other friends, or (especially in most countries) go to the local market for produce etc. This cannot be done via the internet.

Summarising, internet is fantastic, but for goods that are directly connected with one’s person, food, clothes etc. it is limited.


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