Is It Possible To Make Money On Pinterest?

Although Pinterest is technically a social media site, it is quite different from your common social media site and this goes as far as the content that is posted there, the features of it, as well as the demographics. Because of this, many internet marketers ask the question: is it possible to make money on Pinterest? Well, if we take a look at how money is made on the internet, the answer is a resounding yes. First, the internet is run on what is called traffic. Your traffic is your people visiting the site and secondly, this traffic is converted into income when they whip out their credit card and purchase a particular product and/or service.

According to the Alexa rankings, Pinterest is certainly getting a TON of traffic because it is one of the most trafficked sites in the world. With that in mind, wherever there is traffic and loads of it, you could bet that there is some great money being made by those who know how to harness its power and monetize it properly. So, we’ve already established that it is 100% possible to make money on Pinterest, but let’s go over a few ways on exactly how you can do that.

Promote A Particular Company For Sponsorships

There are many marketers who are turning to particular companies in order to make money on Pinterest. Maybe there is a specific brand that you have always been a fan of, you absolutely love your products and you can see yourself being a spokesperson for their products to receive commissions for anyone who buys them, or even better, a big sponsorship from the company. Take a look at your wardrobe, or some brands of products that you buy on a regular basis. Find some products that you just can’t say enough good things about and you feel comfortable relaying to people on how they enhanced your life in some way. If you find some products that checkout in these areas, then that company is a winner.

Build A Brand Around One of Your Passions

Building a brand around your passion is not only rewarding monetarily speaking, but also spiritually and all other levels. Do some soul searching and find an area in which you believe that you can give a TON of value to the world. Find your life’s purpose, and then build a Pinterest page revolving around that passion. A tip is to take a look at your gifts, what areas you specialize in and find a way to offer that to the world in exchange for monetary means.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and the most common ways to make money on Pinterest and this is simply because of how quickly anyone can get up and running. Best of all is that you don’t have to create your own products. Just head over to an affiliate marketplace like ClickBank or Commission Junction or one similar, grab a link to the product that you want to promote, and when someone buys, you receive a commission.

Conclusion: Is It Possible To Make Money On Pinterest?

To effectively make money on Pinterest, you need to utilize a method that is properly harnessing the power of the traffic that Pinterest generates, as well as a method that will allow you to convert that traffic into income. Surely, you can think of other ways than what we’ve mentioned here, but if you were to take and run with one of these, you’ll set yourself up to be making some good coin!


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