Is Pinterest Just A Fad Or A Fun Way Of Lead Generation?

Is Pinterest Just A Fad Or A Fun Way Of Lead Generation?

Is Pinterest just a fad? This is a burning question a lot of people are aching to get answered. A lot of Internet marketers are anxious about the future of Pinterest. Most of the marketers have great plans for Pinterest as a lead generation tool. But, if Pinterest will just be a flash in a pan then all efforts will go for naught.
What was an obscure service on 2011 has skyrocketed to fame as people quickly jumped into it like the proverbial bandwagon. Suddenly, Pinterest is gaining 12 million visitors a month. The numbers are pretty good for a fledgling website to have this much attention particularly among women between 18 to 35 years old.
Is it a fad?
Clearly, Pinterest is here to stay. Virtual scrapbooking is on the rise and Pinterest fills that need which Facebook and other social networks cannot offer. The proof that Pinterest is here to stay is in the amount users are investing on the platform. Studies show that users spend on the average about an hour and a half a month on Pinterest. This is pretty good considering your nearest competitor is Facebook.
It is a strong e-commerce tool since 21 percent of people are driven to buy products that they saw on Pinterest. Pinterest is not just for virtual scrapbooking but also to look for business opportunities. This gives Pinterest a slice of the affiliate marketing pie each time a pin is clicked.
Pinterest boasts of having a true universal appeal. Social networks usually gain traction through the geek community first. Early adopters have been less techy which caused it to catch fire and fast.
Pinterest is far from being a fad because it draws its strength from its human-driven content. It is not driven by marketers or brand wanting to have a piece on it. The sharing passion is the reason why it has become so popular. It offers an avenue for personal expression and value and not some advertising platform to abuse. This is where the danger lies, if Pinterest sells to advertisers then it may be signing its own death warrant.
A fun way to lead generation
Lead generation is Pinterest is an excellent chance for Internet-based businesses to reach out to their publics. Pinterest has emerged as a platform where people can connect with other like-minded people by sharing visually their interests, ideas and thoughts.
Any business that capitalizes on high-volume Internet traffic should join Pinterest. In fact, early research shows that Pinterest is more effective than Facebook! In fact, Pinterest is driving more traffic from Time Inc.’s Real Simple website compared to Facebook. Eyeglass retailer Warbly Parker said that 11 percent of its traffic is routed from Pinterest.
As mentioned above, 21 percent of people are likely to buy something they saw on Pinterest. The exponential growth of Pinterest and the tendency of people buying stuff after seeing it on the site is enough drive for marketers to take notice. Pinterest converts leads to sales faster compared to other social media networks. It is more effective than others because photos and videos are effective in driving traffic.
As Pinterest grow and evolve there would be more reasons to “pin” your Internet marketing hopes on it. Businesses have seen the potential and so should you. Leverage the power of the platform to drive traffic and create leads. Did you know the spring collection is already showing in a pinboard in Pinterest somewhere? It will surely give ideas on what to wear next season.


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