Rob Benwell’s “Blogging to the Bank” is back!

Since the release of Rob’s “Blogging To The Bank” (version 1.0 that is), he’s been flooded with thousands of emails telling him of the success people have had applying his techniques on the internet.

We all know that things can change rapidly on the Internet and how a simple change like the Google Slap can turn smooth running profits to nothing overnight.

Rob is all too aware of this and has been working on how to make blogging a more sustainable and long-term income stream. In his book he tells of his trials of developing a blueprint of how to research keywords for your niches, creating a blog (as well as where to host it), content creation, optimizing your blog and generating the traffic you require to become a success.

What we found most interesting is that Rob recommends outsourcing some of the content creation to companies that specialise in the field of writing articles! Although it sounds daunting the math does work out in the long run in your favour. This is definitely an avenue even we at OpinView haven’t quite fully explored. Of course, you can always write your own content. However Rob claims outsourcing provides a fantasic means for content to be uniquely written as well as cost effective – his recommended content creator is

Another aspect which Rob shows in his book is the arrangement of the blog page. We found it cool because it’s just like a marketing tutorial! It’s like, “Place this at eye level for 3 year olds so they can see the bright colours and pester Mom to buy it for them.” There’s a diagram of how to place additional monetization tools like Adsense and content to best attract the reader.

Rob’s book is really easy to read. Again, we covered it in about a few hours and tested it on to see if what he said is actually do-able – and it is! There are some odd bits which will require some knowledge of HTML but for the better part it is geared towards a beginner.

All-in-all this is not a bad book for someone with an interest in blogging and wants a blueprint for how to make money blogging. It contains good content on how to generate backlinks through social sites as well as different methods to promote your blog.

We definitely recommend Blogging To The Bank 2.0.

Check it out before you miss the boat!


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