School of Digital Film Making

School of Digital Film Making

Digital film making is the latest rage in the movie making industry these days. But did you know that digital film making actually saw its inception two decades ago – in the 1980s? Yes, that’s about the time digital technology was first applied in the art of making movies.

However, the project was considered too costly. And until recently, Hollywood was the only one that had the money to pay for all the digital tools and gizmos needed to produce digital effects in movies.

Now, the shift from traditional film making to digital film making is becoming more palpable with digital media effects employed in not just Hollywood-made movies but even independent films as well.

Digital film making is the fusion of computer, digital technology and film creative. It is marrying the traditional film making process with modern digital technology to create art at its finest and effects that were heretofore never even heard of in movies before.

With so many studios now employing digital technology, it makes sense for a filmmaking hopeful to consider attending a digital film making school and learn all the technical aspects of digital arts media.

In this article, you will find a list of school of digital film making for you to choose from.

Digital Film Academy

As the only state-licensed school of digital film making that is connected with a full service production company, Digital Film Center, the Digital Film Academy is an excellent school that provides intensive training in the theoretical aspects of digital technology and hands-on experience with unlimited lab time to help you sharpen your skills.

Courses offered at this school of digital film making include Digital Filmmaking, Apple Pro Training Series, After Effects, 3D Maya Animation, Script Supervising, Music Video, Indie Guide to Distribution, Acting for Camera, 6-Month/Full-Time Digital Filmmaking, 2-Day Workshop, and 2-Week Digital Filmmaking Crash Course.

San Francisco School of Digital Film Making

The San Francisco School of Digital Film Making offers a curriculum which they describe as “project-based.” This means that students who attend this school actually get hands-on experience where they can sharpen their skills, whether they are a student of Digital Filmmaking or Film Acting.

The school also provides access to state-of-the-art high definition filmmaking equipment, including a Sony F950 HD camera.

Pacific Audio Visual Institute

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada (known as “Hollywood North”), Pacific Audio Visual Institute offers a Film and Digital Arts Program for students interested in comprehensive film making with application in digital arts technology. The program is a comprehensive curriculum that range in tops from Final Cut Pro to Avid, Beta Cam to DV Cam, music videos to documentaries, film audio post to film lighting techniques, and more.


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