The 46 Year Old Domain Virgin!

The 46 Year Old Domain Virgin!

A very successful entrepreneur recently gave me an article from Business 2.0 talking about Domaining. As many of you know, I invest in oil wells and other things that give me passive income. When I wrapped my mind around the concept of domaining and domain monetization, I have to admit I got pretty excited.

I always thought domaining was simply speculating on domain names, I never really understood google adsense or those parking sites with all the links. The concept of developing a niche grouping of domains and optimizing traffic to drive clicks to affiliates or google ads seemed like a long shot for me.

So I decided to educate myself on the business and google searched domaining. I figured the skills I learned in web development & marketing would help me in my other endeavors. I decided to stake my claim in areas that I understood. My focus has been on oil/gas well investing, investing in natural resource stocks, ethanol, biofuels, and cleantech.

Laying claim to domain names can be quite addictive. My wife is always yelling at me because I spend way too much time on the computer. Through countless hours of reading I reached a breakthrough, my main tool to expand my web presence was to write about things I understood and enjoyed. Content is King! (wait that sounds catchy, let’s see if that name is available)……Nope!

I have published about 5 articles in the past two weeks mainly in the investing arena & the response has been excellent. People want to be educated not sold. If people want what I am working with ie. oil deals, real estate, stocks, etc. they ask for information. The whole introductory process of working with a new individual or investor is much less nerve racking since they have a feel of my philosophy based on my writing.

I am no longer the 46 year old internet Virgin, thanks to the concept of original content. Write about what you are passionate about and success is just a few clicks away!



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