The Power Of Internet Video Marketing

The Power Of Internet Video Marketing

You’ve probably seen TV shopping info ads. Even if you didn’t end up buying the product advertised on TV, you must admit that seeing a demonstration of the product’s performance can be very persuasive and can induce many TV shoppers to part with their money.

Demo videos are truly powerful, and the good news is, you can make use of this power in the internet. You can market your company or products using internet videos.

Why Use Internet Videos for Internet Marketing

Internet videos are fast becoming the trendy way of advertising your products to potential customers. All you need to do is create a demonstration like the infomercials you see on TV through which you can extol the merits of your products, systems or services.

Internet video presentations are more interesting
Internet videos are way better than mere text or graphic advertisements. Nowadays, consumers suffer from information overload. The internet is prolific in content and the internet user and consumer can hardly catch up. They just glance over titles, subtitles and some bits and pieces of the paragraphs in between. If your text fails to hold their interest, say goodbye to potential sales.

Internet video presentations are better because in a matter of a few minutes, your customers can learn about your products in a more interesting and engaging manner. Videos are more dynamic than text ads and are therefore more attention grabbing. They beat text ads because your target consumer can see your product in action; they no longer have to imagine it.

Internet video presentations are more convenient
Video hosting technologies are fairly advanced to increase the convenience to consumers and therefore aid your internet marketing efforts. Video streaming, which allows consumers to watch your video without the need to download the material, facilitates hassle-free viewing.

Internet video hosting is becoming more affordable
Moreover, you don’t have to pay through the nose for video hosting services that provide video streaming support. Because of continuous technological innovations and increasing competition, these video hosting solutions have become much cheaper than they used to be.

Internet video presentations are easily distributed
One other advantage of using internet video media for internet marketing is the existence of numerous video distribution channels where you can post your videos for free. You can try YouTube, for instance, and reach the millions of visitors this video sharing site has. Exposure of this magnitude has never been this easy to attain.

Some Tips to Using Internet Video for Internet Marketing

To take advantage of the benefits to internet video marketing, you need to remember a few things. One, you should produce internet videos with high image and audio quality. Two, you should keep your internet videos short and simple – short because your typical internet viewer is in a hurry or easily bored, and simple because you need to be easily understood by everyone.

Third, stick to the highlights in your internet video presentation. Do not overload your viewers with figures and statistics. Select only those most relevant and give a rundown only on the key benefits of your products and services. For additional details, you can always include your text and graphic ads.

Finally, if you are posting your video on a site other than your own, be sure to direct your viewer to your web site by providing your link.


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