The Powerful Ways to Promote Your Business Blog

The Powerful Ways to Promote Your Business Blog

Putting up a blog is one serious process. But there are always tips and guides that could help you get on with it. Quickly, your website will soon have a blog that could help you with getting your business that boost it needs. Soon after you have that blog, you could have four, maybe five or more posts in a few days time. But then the question lingers, how do you get your blog posts read?

Remember that no matter how great the content, you would need your blog read by a great mass of traffic. Readers won’t know of what you have to sell or serve them if they don’t read your posts, right? So you need to get your point across. That means promoting your blogs.

Below are tried, tested and easy ways to do so. Read on and learn how to power up the traffic generation or blog following:

First, start with your current contacts and existing resources. If your blog isn’t built in your website just yet, then make sure that your posts have visible links that will lead your blog readers to your website. Do this as well on your website so that visitors can go to your blog site as well. If you have the blog already in your website, that isn’t a problem. Just make sure that navigating your site always leads them to your great, interesting blog content.

As you have existing contacts, ask them to opt-in with updates each time you have a new post. This is called an email newsletter. It should be so short but very catchy, sort of a teaser, that links the recipients to your new post.

Next, you must have your email signature, and surely, with that already comes your contact details. Do the same for your blog, and don’t forget to include your other social network sites. This would definitely hype up your visibility and keep your contacts posted with everything that’s going on in your blog. As important as your email and blog signature, make your blog easy to share and be an open platform for communication.

If you haven’t gotten a LinkedIn account, do so. Don’t just settle with Facebook and Twitter, although both are really potent social sites that could help promote your blogs. But with LinkedIn, your contacts will be able to see your blog entries. Make sure you have this feature activated. In the same way, have interesting introductions or strong teasers in Twitter and Facebook so that your connections will read your posts as well. Other sites where you could update your contacts with each new blog post would be YouTube, Flicker, Blogger or WordPress. Get them up and open accounts there, if you don’t have one yet. Better yet, make sure these accounts are well-managed so that your connections will have a bite of your blog content.

Another really easy way to promote your business blog would be blog sharing. In sites like Ezine, there are great possibilities to share your blogs with others. Also take advantage of your friends’ blogs, even people from the industry you’re moving about. More so, if you have posts that are closely related with other bloggers, you can share the blogs with them. Make arrangements as well to cross-promote each others’ blogs. They sure would appreciate that – and your blog will get that business boost you want so much.


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