The Right Way To Use Free Traffic Exchanges

The Right Way To Use Free Traffic Exchanges

Many people are using free traffic exchanges to try and build their online income but over 90% of them are failing. If you are not using the right marketing strategy, you could be wasting your valuable time. Don’t believe what most people tell you about using free traffic exchanges, if used correctly they can be some powerful marketing tools.

Using traffic exchanges to get hits to your site can be a boring process if you don’t have an army of people under you clicking away and building credits for you. There is a better solution to get the most out of your exchange credits and bring you more success with this type of advertising.

Here are three ways that you can get the most out of your traffic exchange advertising. Follow these methods and I can guarantee that your traffic exchange advertising efforts will show a sign of improvement.

1. Join A Downline Building Club

Joining a downline club is an excellent way to get a ton of people to sign up for all the traffic exchanges you are a member of. Usually they will have 20-30 exchanges you can sign up for. After you join the downline building club you then promote this to people and every time someone joins they will be placed in your downline of all the exchanges you signed up for through the downline building clubs website. Sometimes these clubs will also promote Safelists, Co-Regs, List Builders and Affiliate Programs. They can also be an excellent opportunity to earn money when people upgrade memberships.

2. Advertise Lead Capture Pages

The fact is that most people surfing traffic exchanges only look at your page for a maximum of 30 seconds, so you are going to have to make the most out of that time by trying to get someone to join your list so they can be added to your auto-responder and you can follow up with them through an e-mail campaign. It is a waste of time to show your website or program signup page in a traffic exchange. Most people are not going to stay on the page long enough to signup or buy something from you. You can build a very large mailing list by doing this and in the end a list is more important then getting hits to your website.

3. Promote A Simple Self-Replicating Website

One of the hottest things in Internet marketing today is people promoting how you can make money buy using the power of free traffic exchange credits with self-replicating websites. Basically how this works is you come to a page that shows you a simple 3 or 4 step process which usually involves signing up for a MLM or network marketing company for free and then signing up for a couple of free traffic generating programs like Instant Buzz or a free traffic exchange. After you sign up you will then get a exact duplicate of this page with your affiliate ID numbers embedded in them, now when you promote this opportunity everyone that signs up under you will be in your downline and those people will repeat the same process. This kind of advertising is very powerful, viral and it is absolutely free. You can get this type of site by signing up on a self-replicating website page or hire a programmer to create your own.

Do these three things and you will be well on your way to passing the other 90% of marketers in the highly competitive world of free traffic exchanges.


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