The Top Affiliate Websites

The Top Affiliate Websites

Getting into affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to turn your blog into an additional source of income. As a merchant, you can also make use of affiliate websites to acquire better and cost-efficient marketing strategies through the help of affiliate marketers. With the rise of companies searching for affiliate marketing individuals, the number of affiliate websites which hosts products and services is also increasing. Joining the right affiliate websites can help you acquire the most profitable affiliate program for you.
1. Commission Junction. For North American companies, Commission Junction is considered as one of the best affiliate websites there is. The site hosts thousands of companies and start-up businesses that are searching for affiliate marketing experts. As part of their affiliate program, Commission Junction offers their affiliates with varied commission rates of up to 75%. Some commissions are also based on leads which give affiliates with an additional option compared to those which only offer click-based or sales-focused programs. The only catch in joining Commission Junction would be the fact that the site takes out $10 from your earning if you fail to earn commissions within a month. Inactivity in affiliate marketing can also lead to the closure of your account within this affiliate website.
2. Amazon Associates. With Amazon Associates, affiliate marketing is available in virtually millions of products sold within the website. The diversity of the items and services offered by Amazon Associates make it easier for affiliate marketers to choose the items which will work best for their site. In addition, Amazon Associates also pay affiliate sites with generous rates, depending on the type of products and the sales volume. Commission rates start at 4% up to 15%. The disadvantage in signing up with Amazon is that some states already ban this affiliate network.
3. LinkShare. Currently, LinkShare shares the top ranking with Commission Junction. Affiliate marketing opportunities are also varied at LinkShare and you are frequently updated with the latest news and offers from the merchants that you have worked and are currently working with. Most commission rates also reach up to 20% on most partner merchant sites.
4. ShareASale. ShareASale banks its excellent ratings based on the kind of customer service, commission payment policies, and ethical policies that they provide to their affiliate marketers. According to user reviews, ShareASale is the best performing affiliate network site on an overall scale.
Other than their ratings, choosing the best affiliate website should be based on the kind of niche that you are working on. Joining an affiliate network with diverse affiliate marketing opportunities will serve your needs especially if you have several affiliate sites that you have developed. Other than searching for the right kind of partner merchant sites, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions stated on the affiliate websites’ policies first. This way, you are aware of what to expect once you become an affiliate marketer for them. Verify the payout schedule, the minimum amount that you can cash-out, and the commission rates involved before you fully embark on the venture. Affiliate marketing is a profitable way for you to monetize your website. You can also turn your web development skills not only in marketing affiliate sites but also selling them to merchants who are in need of custom affiliate sites.


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