Top Traffic Generation Techniques

Top Traffic Generation Techniques

If you generate more traffic to your website, you will get more customers as a result you will have more sales. There fore, you have to work regularly to generate highly targeted visitors that would bring high sales of your products.
There are different techniques to advertise your product or your website and drive tons of qualified traffic.
Here are top Free or low cost traffic-generation techniques:
1-Search Engines and online directories
The free search engines such as Google and Yahoo! are one of the primary sources of free targeted traffic.In order to get free traffic from the search engine, it is important to consider the following points: Create keyword targeted content-rich web site , Optimize your web pages to get high ranking by search engines and get your site indexed in the free search engines and online directories.
2- E-mail Marketing
Visitors who have some interest in your product or service are potential customers. Therefore, opt-in list building is the right way to implement a system that brings visitors into repeat customers.
If you have an opt-in List, you are in the right position to follow and keep in touch with your customers and keep them informed about latest updates for your product or services and making sales.
If you are series to build a successful and solid business and don’t have an opt-in list, it is time to start it right now.
3-Article Marketing
Writing articles and having them published on Article directories is one way of promoting you site. Including a good signature line with each article will sparkle the reader’s interest, resulting in continuous driving traffic for your website. Keyword optimized Articles help in two ways, send continuous targeted free traffic and provide a powerful means for generating one-way links, which helps your google and yahoo search engine ranking.
4-Forum Marketing
Forums are one of the main gathering places where people look for free advice, tips and promote their sites. There fore if you properly use these forums, you can get some great exposure, and highly targeted visitors.
One of the biggest mistakes people using forums is, to blatantly advertise their product or website.When you make posting to forums leave your signature or link to your website.
5-Ezine Promotion
E-Zines are one of the best ways to get highly targeted visitors to your website. You have different options to advertise in e-zines, the most effective once are Solo Ads, Article Marketing and Joint Venturing with publishers.
6-Blogs and RSS Feeds
Because blogs are updated regularly, search engines like google love them and pages are indexed regularly and fast. That why blogs stand as one of the most powerful tools for marketing your website or product.
To exploit the full benefits of Blogs, you have to Post daily to your blog, with your website address and affiliate ID of Your Product inserted into your blog page. Other technique you should incorporate into your daily post is “Blog and Ping” techniques.
7-Create an e-Book
Viral marketing is an extremely powerful and effective form of Internet marketing. One way of implementing Viral Marketing is an e-book. It is probably the easiest and most effective form of viral marketing.
All you have to do is come up with a free report, brand it into an e-book, Spread it over the internet or give away free copies of your e-book and invite readers to share unlimited copies with their friends and colleagues.
8-Link Exchanges
Exchanging links with high quality link partners is one way of generating potential customers to your website or your product. It helps you in two ways, you gain good page rank by the search engine by increasing link popularity of you website and attract potential customers.
9-tell a friend Scripts
“Tell a Friend” Script is one of the popular ways to drive traffic to your website. This is a script you put into your website where the reader use it to refer friends to a particular page by clicking a button on your website.
Pay per Click (PPC) campaign is one of the fastest and Easiest ways to drive targeted traffic to your website at a very low cost. With PPC advertisement, you will get targeted visitors to your website after minutes of writing your ad.
To exploit the full benefits Pay per Click advertising, you have to understand how PPC advertisement works properly.
Making daily and weekly plans and mastering how to drive qualified visitors to you website by integrating these techniques will really boost your online business.


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