Where Mortgage Leads Come From

Where Mortgage Leads Come From

If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker, and you are considering purchasing mortgage leads, one thing that will be important to know, is where these lead companies obtain their leads from.

Many times, mortgage lead companies will sell their leads multiple times. They have a data base of thousands of leads that they sell repeatedly over and over.

Or, they buy leads in bulk from third party vendors and sell them at a profit.

This is known as recycling leads, or selling junk. And who knows how many times that third party vendor sold their leads to other mortgage lead companies.

By the time that lead lands on your desk, it has gone through the hands of literally dozens of loan officers.

Your best bet is to deal only with mortgage lead companies that own and operate their own mortgage lead generation sites. This way at least you now that there is an excellent chance that the quality of the lead will be good.

How can you find this out?

Call someone in the customer service department of the company you are considering. Don’t be shy, come right out and ask where and how they obtain their leads.

If you are not satisfied with their answers, than move onto the next mortgage lead company.

Remember, if you are not happy with their customer service, than more than likely you will not be happy with their leads.


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