Winning Strategies With Traffic Exchange Programs

´╗┐Winning Strategies With Traffic Exchange Programs

Everyone knows what traffic exchange programs are and how their popularity have exploded within the last year. Some of you may have built a massive downline and accumulated hundreds of thousands of free high quality traffic credits sitting in your account, and you don’t know what to do with them?
Luckily for you, I’ve had some free time to interview some top traffic exchange affiliates and program owners and asked them what to do with your free credits?
Here are some of their recommendations. This strategy will only work with traffic exchange that allows you to transfer credits to other members.
Give them to your downline to motivate them to remain active within your organization.
If you run an ezine or newsletter, you can give it away as a contest prize or as a bonus for new subscribers. This will attract a new kind of subscribers which will create a diversity of readers to your newsletter.
Sell it at a discount. Although this strategy will not be popular with program owners and this action might cause your membership to be terminated, so be careful. I don’t recommend it myself.
Package it with either your own products/services or another affiliated programs to entice buyers, thus adding value.
Give it away as a gift or as a token of your appreciation to someone that helped you online. Who knows, that person could be a heavy hitter, besides, who’s going to turn down a free traffic.
You can barter it. For example in exchange for 500 hits, you could have your signature lines added to someone’s ad campaign using a safelist submission service or software such as Safelist Boys on a weekly basis.
You can exchange your free credits with members from a different traffic exchange program, thus leveraging your time. For example, you can trade your 2,000 Webmasterquest credits with 2,000 Trafficswarm credits. You can find potentialtrade partners at forums and discussions groups.
Give it away to expand your downline in your favorite traffic exchange program. For example, you can entice your prospect by adding an additional 500 credits on top of their signing bonus when they sign up.
There you have it, there are so many ways you can exchange or giveaway your outstanding traffic exchange credits that you have never thought of before. Take full advantage of them while they last, especially if you are in the receiving end, they will save you alot of time from hours of surfing.
Aren’t internet marketing fun?


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