You Tube Affiliate-Suggestions On How To Use You Tube

You Tube Affiliate-Suggestions On How To Use You Tube

Many affiliate marketers (those that make a commission when the traffic that they send to a vendors website actually make a purchase) know the importance of getting the most out of every element they can find to drive traffic online. Using you tube affiliate marketing techniques to use the power of video to get more traffic to every one of your offers can be a surprisingly effective method… and it’s free to use.

Most people agree that the average internet surfer has a short attention span. Couple that with the fact that many people don’t want to take the time to read a lot of stuff and the power of video marketing can really take on a life of it’s own. That’s where you tube affiliate marketing comes in, instead of fighting the reluctance people have to reading, go with it and give them a video to watch instead.

You can easily create a simple, short, video that will help your visitors accomplish some sort of goal. When you use these videos for marketing one of the best methods to use is the “how to” video format.

If you are selling products in the bird watching niche, for example, you can put up a short video that will explain the best pieces of equipment to use to go bird watching. You may explain what times of the day or where the best places to go are, etc. Just offer your visitors some sort of helpful information so they will benefit from your video.

In most cases a “sales pitch” type of video won’t do you much good. Most people will get turned off and stop listening. It’s always best to give before you get. Give them something of value for them, let them get to know you let them learn to trust you and see you as an expert. Then you can ask them for the sale.

Another effective technique for video is doing a review style video. Pick a product related to your niche and do an honest review of it. Make sure it is honest and to prove that it’s honest you should include some “cons” about the product. Even if you thought the product was the best thing on the planet, it will sound phony and like a sales pitch if you make it sound too perfect.

When you upload your video to Youtube you can include keywords that are related to your niche. That way when someone does a search for those keywords they will see your video. You can also include a link in the video to your main website. That is where the driving traffic to your site comes in to play.

Combining you tube affiliate techniques to all of your other traffic generation methods can really help you ramp up your website traffic. Your videos don’t need to be movie quality, they just need to look clear and you need to sound clear. Keep them short, keep your hemming and hawing to a minimum and optimize them with keywords to get the most out of this method.


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